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BANNER_CLAIRVIABLOG.pngClairvia is a solution that allows us to care for our employees by delivering innovative staff scheduling to simultaneously serve our patients and staff.  

Clairvia provides you: 
  • More input into your schedule by allowing access to it from any device with internet access,
  • Visibility to staffing needs and additional staff options, 
  • Visibility to teammates' schedules and requested time-off, 
  • The ability to share your schedule with family and friends, and 
  • A patient acuity module that accurately reflects the needs of patients based on nursing documentation.  
Clairvia is a suite of solutions that allow us to align staff with patient needs in real time. 
  • Staff Manager – Provides comprehensive enterprise scheduling and staffing, real time decision support, open shift management, advanced productivity management, and accurate, up to the minute reporting.
  • Shift Alert – Leverages mobile technology to notify caregivers of urgent, short-term staffing requirements via SMS text, email, and interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Demand Manager – Continuously measures, tracks, and projects patient-specific care demands, enabling you to allocate the right staffing workload to facilitate optimal clinical outcomes for every patient.
  • Patient Progress Manager – Compares each patient’s expected clinical progress to actual progress, in every moment from admission to discharge.
  • Assignment Manager – Matches each caregiver’s precise qualifications, competencies, and experience levels to each patient’s current needs, ensuring that patients can be assigned the caregivers most qualified to guide them to their desired clinical outcome.
  • Outcomes Driven Acuity – Methodology that focuses on each patient’s clinical progress toward desired outcomes. Staffing levels are based on the skill sets required to move each patient to the next level of wellness according to the care team’s objective clinical assessment of the patient’s current condition

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